Por que Walmart debería fiarse de hiperlocal social


Recommend.ly completou un análise dunha estratexia fallida por Walmart para desenvolver páxinas locais de Facebook for each of its 3500 locations. Here's the conclusion that Recommend.ly made:

Parece que Walmart ten unha estratexia de contido que inclúe unha política de publicación. Non obstante, non é evidente que teñan obxectivos a nivel de tenda para adquirir ou atraer fans. Polo menos, ningunha que parece funcionar aínda. Unha observación particular é o uso de estratexia de contido centralizado. Probablemente isto sexa contrario á filosofía de localizar Facebook para os fans. Para localizar a experiencia por completo, incluso a xestión de páxinas ten que estar en gran parte localizada.

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Recommend.ly goes on to provide four steps to turn around the effort but I'm afraid they're wrong. Walmart isn't going to turn this strategy around – even if they do apply a ton of effort. My advice would have never been to start the effort in the first place.

Por que Walmart debería fiarse dunha estratexia social hiperlocal?

  • Hai sen diferenciación rexional between Walmarts. Same blue buldings, same layouts and the same offerings. Walmart's branding and site goals are to make each Walmart indistinguishable from one another… why would you have a social strategy that does the opposite?
  • In any given populous region, there are two to three Walmarts within driving distance. People dont' think to themselves, “That Walmart is my favorite”. They, instead, drive to the situación máis conveniente. This ties into the the regional differentiation as well. A populous region may have enough visitors on Facebook to support pages, but they don't have allegiance to a specific location. Rural regions don't have enough visitors on Facebook to support independent locations.
  • Walmart's sole brand differentiation and value to the consumer is price… nothing else. When you make your key differentiation price, no one is escoller your brand because they love you. They may love low prices… but those prices can be found anywhere. Fans of Walmart aren't actually fans at all, they're fans of low prices.

Noutras palabras, a estratexia de Facebook non coincide nin pode coincidir coa súa estratexia de venda polo miúdo. Os dous en conflito entre eles.

A miña recomendación sería facelo ir rexional. Hai fans out there. I know a family who makes the trip to Wallyworld every week and it's nothing short of a celebration. But those folks are (obviously) few and far between. Rather than go hyperlocal, I would have opted for a DMA (designated market area) approach and had managers from each of the Walmarts competing on the same page for attention.

A DMA approach would have allowed easy and central distribution of ads, offers and coupons, as well as offered Walmart's fans the option of becoming a regional fan and visiting any store they wanted to rather having to pick one or more within Facebook. I still think it would be an uphill battle for Walmart to gain fans on a regional Facebook page, but it wouldn't be as impossible as working with a local store page.

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