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Because of employee turnover, many companies are hesitant at promoting the people within the business. The truth is that it's a mixed strategy… if you don't promote your people, they'll go somewhere where they do get the spotlight. If you do promote your people, they may get an offer to go to a better place. That's the risk of all employers, though. If your choice is to keep your people hidden, you risk much more. Prospects and customers buy from people they trust. Your people son a túa vantaxe competitiva.

Debes traballar cos teus empregados para mellorar os resultados de busca persoais para que os resultados da túa empresa melloren. BrandYourself desenvolveu unha infografía para proporcionarlle os pasos necesarios para mira mellor en Google. 1.5 Billion names are searched everyday in Google but people generally don’t look great on their first page. Here's how you can:

resultados de google

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