Correo de lume: mercadotecnia por correo electrónico sen o fornecedor de servizos de correo electrónico

I'm a huge fan of email service providers and the incredible products and services that they provide. Perhaps most important is the deliverability issues that can arise when sending volumes of email. With the huge riff between Proveedores de servizos de Internet (ISP) e provedores de servizos de correo electrónico (ESP), ás veces o negocio ponse no medio.

Irónicamente, traballar cun ESP non having any authority can cause deliverability issues, too. Many ISPs block email simply because it's sent from different servers (ESP) than the domain in the reply address.

Another issue is that the volume of email sent determines the cost of the program with email service providers. I've heard horror stories of companies who pay more per email than it costs to send mail with the post office. Many email service providers also charge significant fees if you go over your contract limits.firemail.png

Entón ... e se puideses obter todas as ferramentas dun fornecedor de servizos de correo electrónico pero evitar os custos e riscos pesados ​​empregando os teus propios servidores para entregar os correos electrónicos. Ti lata con Firemail Marketing. Firemail é unha aplicación robusta baseada na web, Software as a Service, que enviará correos electrónicos HTML dinámicos directamente desde súa servidor.

Firemail has a robust list of features that many ESPs still don't have… including templates, website integration, automated messaging, scheduled messaging, sequenced messaging, contact imports, dynamic messaging, automatic removal for opt-out and conversions, filtered replies, tracking, optimization, statistics, split testing, and even alarms if there are problems.

Granted, this may not be the perfect solution if you're sending millions of emails a month; however, for $15 a month… you can't beat it. For $180 per month, there are no limitations to how many emails you can use the system to send. A moderate size business could hire a deliverability consultant (let me know if you need one – one of the industry's best is a good friend of mine) in addition to the service and could get much of what an ESP provides at a fraction of the cost.

Un agradecemento especial a Dan DeGreef de Presonant Marketing Group por configurarme cunha conta de proba para comprobar o sistema. Se decides sacar Firemail para facer unha proba gratuíta, asegúrate de dicir a Dan que oíches falar aquí.

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